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Skype for Business Meeting Failed: Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate

In either Internet Explorer or other browsers you might see this issue finally popping when you try joining a Skype for Business Server Meeting if the Meeting is hosted on Premise, This issue also pop's up with Lync Meeting, not only with Skype for Business Meetings. Error: Content was blocked because it was not signed by a valid security certificate After investigation, I saw this was most likely related to changes in Skype for Business Client Update from Januar 2016: It implements a new and proper described certificate validation procedure for all SIMPLE URL's. ( Note: This issue can't be replicated each time, therefore you have to consider this as "possible issue" )     As I described earlier in my blog: It is absolute curial following the infrastructure recommendations from Microsoft, regardless if it might wor

Call Monitor Skype for Business Client

With the last client update from January 2016, Microsoft introduced a new feature call Call Monitor. (first it is still a little buggy and it is also not really suitable. more annoying) The impacted client version is: Skype for Business 2016 MSO (16.0.6326.101) The change introduced the Call Monitor, where the view totally changed and consumes now a huge space on your desktop. If you switch during a call to another application and Skype is not on front any longer you will see a the two following possibilities: simple audio call: conference call with audio/ video: You can, if you click the icon, still hide the huge screen part. now you will see this little icon: Author: Thomas Poett MVP, Business Unit Lead Microsoft Unified Communication