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Install-CsDatabase Error (The CREATE DATABASE statement failed. The primary file must be at least %MB to accommodate a copy of the model database.)

If you are installing the Central Management Database (XDS) for a new Skype for Business/ Lync Deplyoment, you might run into an issue if the the SQL Server was installed much earlier than Lync will be. Over the time the Model Database was increased to some new values. It is necessary adjusting the Model Database in SQL back to 2MB, which is requried for initiating a new Database with the Lync integrated script. Therefor you need to login to SQL Server and navigate to the System Databases and right cklick the MODEL DB and SHRINK it back (Database and File) to 2MB The model database is an empty hull for each new database that should be created. If the size is not matching, you run into this common error. In Lync deployment log, you will find the following error: Feature: CentralMgmtStore   11.04.2013 10:18:10          └    SQL Instance:   11.04.2013 10:18:10          └    Collocated: False   11.04.2013 10:18:10          └    Found "RTCUniversalServe