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How to configure Teams Shared Channel without Tenant Switching

 Teams Shared Channel without Tenant Switching An new feature to Microsoft Teams was introduced and makes cross-tenant collaboration much easier. The need of switching a tenant, gaining access to Shared Channel, were you are member of with your Guest Account is now obsolete. With B2B relationships between 2 tenants, the B2B Guest Account can be used within your own organization. This eliminates the tenant switching for efficient collaboration. This feature is available bi-directional. NOTE: with this shared channels, NO B2B Guest Account is needed . The trust relationship between those tenants involved, for Teams only (M365 Group with Teams enabled) accessing the SHARED CHANNEL ONLY in TEAMS based on the invite. Opponent users are found and identified based on the their UPN and Tenant ID Trust. The "embedded" Team Channel is marked with to identifiers: - @Contoso : this indicated, the Teams and its Channels are located outside of your organization and is naming the partner te