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Lync 2013 Client CU1 released

Just for some clarification:

You need to identify your download package, depending which version you have installed.

How to obtain and install the updateThe following files are available for download from the Microsoft Download Center:
Lyncloc (THIS MEANS: LYNC 2013 BASIC CLIENT - downloadable version)Download the x86 package now.
Download the x64 package now.
Msores (THIS MEANS: LYNC 2013 FULL CLIENT with OFFICE 2013)Download the x86 package now.
Download the x64 package now.

Lync Mobile Client 2013 VoIP announcement

I'm so excited,
finally Microsoft did it, as I had announced last November 2012.

The VoIP feature for Lync 2013 Mobile Client and it is amazing guys....

First let me summarize some requirements:

You will need an Lync 2013 Server CU update. CU1, which will be released soon.Sure, as it was with Lync 2010, you need to deploy the mobile connectivity setup up.You mobile device must be connected via 3G, 4G or Wifi.
What else is expected?
The RELEASE DATE is addressed for:
Windows Phone and iPhone/ iPAD: early March 2013Android Phone: around April 2013Blackberry: on the road map

PRESENCE and IM Windows 8 & Windows RT Windows Phone Android iPhone iPAD Lync and Lync online connectivity YES YES YES

Lync 2013 Licensing Guide - How to licence Lync Server and Client

Version 1.8, 09.10.2014

I receive, especially from Pre-Sales Consultant and Account Manager (Sales), all kind of questions regarding "How do I have to license the Lync" in different scenarios.

It is simply done like this, since we only have 4 different type of licenses:

Server Licenses:
Available for Frontend Service only (no more Standard or Enterprise License)

Client Access Licenses (CALs):
Three CALs are available Lync Standard CAL (IM, presence), Lync Enterprise CAL (audio, video, web conferencing), Lync Plus CAL (Enterprise voice features)Enterprise CALs and Plus CALs are additive to the Standard CAL.
This means for you, you can combine the following:
Standard CAL,
Standard + Enterprise CAL,
Standard + Plus CAL,
Standard + Enterprise + Plus CAL CALs are available as either Device CALs or User CALs
Please consider this wisely, if you chose a Device CAL, but, let say you are login to the PC and have a Mobile, you ar…