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Recently I encountered a very strange issue: After installation another Lync Frontend Server, in this case a SBS. The Federation was broken. Incoming via the Edge Server everything looked fine. Meaning, incoming Federation request, e.g. presence or IM, as well as remote access from users hosted on this SBS were working correctly. But all outing communication to federated partners didn't work at all. After using the OCSLogger and analyzing the logs in SNOOPER, I saw an error message: The peer is not a configured server on this network interface and SIPPROXY_E_CONNECTION_UNKNOWN_SERVER coming along with another message: winsock-info="The peer forced closure of the connection" I used the RUST tool internally verifying the SBS certificate, it was correct. Even requesting the certificate again didn't help at all. Even I imported the Topology on the Edge server again! What this clearly explains was, if the SBS was presenting it's certificate, it didn't wo

Publishing Lync Topology Firewall Requirements (missing TCP Ports)

In a special scenario, where I faced certain issue publishing the Lync Topology, where the Lync Frontend Servers are located in Sub Domain, you need to open certain TCP Ports to at least one Root Domain Controller: If you enabled the Lync Topology, you might face this issues: Error : The given key was not present in dictionary. Type : KeyNotFoundException Error : An error occurred when attempting to add "computer" to "RTCGroupxxx" Type : DeploymentException CategoryInfo: InvalideOperation: ([0] Microsoft.R....Core.Service) WebServer:pool.<fqdn> execution failed on an unrecoverable error. Error : Cannot obtain the domain information for computer "Root DC fqdn". Please make sure the computer FQDN is correct. Error : DsRoleGetPrimaryDomainInfromation failed with error "6BA". Just missing are the requirements for Topology publishing. If you are going to enable the Topology, you can use: Enable-CsTopology [-Confirm [<Swit