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Troubleshoot Outlook Plug-In for Teams

It can be happen, that the Outlook Plug-In for Teams isn't showing up or is removed during a Teams client updates. This behavior is well-known issue and can be solved with some of the following procedures: Install the Teams app as an administrator of the Windows computer. Download, install and sign into Teams and then restart Teams and Outlook, in that order.  To ensure that the add-in is installed and loaded correctly, you may need to restart Teams and Outlook after installing.  Follow these steps: Download the Teams desktop app, run it, and sign in at least once. After signing into Teams, restart the app. Restart Outlook (after restarting Teams). Ensure that the add-in is installed and enabled.    If after all that, you still don't see the add-in, make sure that it isn't disabled for some reason. In Outlook, click   File   and then   Options . Select the   Add-ins   tab of   Outlook Options   dialog box Confirm that   Microsoft Teams Meeting A

Join a Microsoft Team with a Code

Join Teams with CODE Create team first, then got to Teams settings Joining a @MicrosoftTeams with #CODE... 1. Create a Teams 2. goto Teams Settings 3. Generate Code Now you are ready and can set the Join Team Code to your Members

Restrict Groups Creation in Office 365

Restrict Groups Creation in Office 365 How to disable the ability to create groups in all Office 365 services that use groups : ·         Outl ook ·         SharePoint ·         Yammer ·         Microsoft Teams: Both admins and users won't be able to create teams ·         StaffHub Both admins and managers won't be able to create teams ·         Planner Users won't be able to create a new plan in Planner web and mobile apps ·         PowerBI The best way to do this is to create a security group, and then only the people in that security group will be able to create Office 365 Groups and teams in these apps. NOTE: You should verify your impact to Microsoft Teams. The creation of Teams, which go along with a Groups365 creation might impact the work efficiency of your users. N o te: Groups can have a n "end date", where the group will automatically be deleted. However, restricting group creation will not prevent the liste

Installing Skype for Business on Windows Server 2016 On-Premise (Version Error Solution)

If you encounter an installation error stating the wrong version is installed during the pre-requisite checks: Follow this Registry-Setting:

Remote PowerShell Login to Microsoft Teams

With Teams you can login in the same way as with SfBO, additionally, Teams Remote PowerShell Login als provides a GUI Login window. Don't forget to install the AzureADConnect: NOTE - MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENICATION: Beside of Msol you must NOT use the $credential variable. Instead let the connect open the Login Frame UPDATE 01.12.2019 The latest version of the Teams PowerShell module is 0.9.6, released on November 29, 2018.  Upgrade to the new module because it fixes some bugs and introduces a very welcome piece of functionality in that your account no longer needs to be a team owner to update the settings for a team. If your account is a global administrator or holds the Teams Service administrator RBAC role, you can update the settings of any team. NOTE:  Administrator accounts working with Teams through PowerShell no longer need to be assigned a Teams license. Upgrade the Teams module: run Power

Deplyoing Teams with MSI

It is possible for standardized deployments rolling out Teams with Group Policies, or Software Deployment Tools like SCCM, Martix42 or others. The package must include: ·         .NET framework 4.5 or later Download the MSI installer: Microsoft Teams (32bit) Microsoft Teams (64bit) IMPORTANT: Do not change the default installation path. This might prevent Teams from further updates.