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Install Dynamics 365 App in Teams

  In this blog article I show you how to activate Dynamics 365 within Teams. First step is clicking the three dots on the left menu. Searching for dynamics and click the Dynamics 365 application. The Dynamics 365 application will be opened. Next, click the add button. Dynamics application will be installed in teams. The application is available within a tab of your channel. After the application tab is installed you are redirected to the Dynamics 365 dashboard. First step is to activate and locate your dynamics. 365 tenant. Choose your organizational environment and the Dynamics 365 app. Press safe changes. And you are good to go. If you switch back to my dashboard. Dynamics 365 is now available within Teams. NOTE: Some of the feature announced during Ignite 2021 will be available in a few month!

Teams integration with Dynamics 365

In this blog article I want to talk about the announcement made during Ignite 2021. It was announced that there is a deep integration between Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365. But before I step into this topic, I want to talk a little bit further about digital transformation. Digital transformation does not mean anything in regard to technology. Furthermore, it is indicated to change your business approaches. Transform and innovate your business and that should be empowered throughout the entire technology using Microsoft Cloud Services. Even here we have the question, what does this mean? Transforming your business? Well, in the past the IT departments told the businesses what is possible or not. This is going to change entirely. From now on ideas, innovations are only made at the business level, across departments of the entire company. The strategy of the company now transforms everything IT is doing. The IT department becomes the service Department for the entire company the fir