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Remote PowerShell login Office 365 all modules

Remote PowerShell login

Requisites login into Office 365 Skype for Business Online are:
·Running OS must be 64bit
·Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.x
·PowerShell Version 3.0 or higher
(if you need to install Version 3.0+, download and install Windows Management Framework 4.0:
You need to install the modules that are required for Office 365, SharePoint Online, and Skype for Business Online:Microsoft Online Service Sign-in Assistant for IT Professionals RTW
(only for older systems : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Vista)Windows Azure Module for Windows PowerShell (64-bit version) -V2.0Install-Module MSOnlineDownload the Windows PowerShell module for Skype for Business Online the Windows PowerShell module for SharePoint Online MS T…

Skype for Business User Group Germany

Hi all,

we have established our Mailing Lists and they are open for subscription.
Never miss any of our User Group Events.

Hallo zusammen,
wir haben unsere Mailing Liste eingerichtet und sie aktiv zu Anmelden.
Verpasst nie mehr eine unserer User Group Events.

Cheers und Servus

Media Bypass with Cloud Connector Editon

Media bypass with Cloud Connector EditionUpdate with CCE Verion 2.0

Media bypass allow the Skype for Business client leveraging on G.711 ulaw and a direct connection to the associated Session Boarder Controller with CCE.

Where is the advantage not letting the client connect to the Mediation Server component in the CCE?
This is clearly not an advantage yet for leveraging the a distributed SBC deployment, where the client will be redirected via SIP Re-Invite to a possible close PSTN connection. Saying you have a central CCE with one SBC in Munich and one in Malaysia, but in Malaysia you didn't deploy a second CCE site.
Here the client can't not reconnect to the far SBC.

But the media bypass advantage lays clearly in increasing a CCE concurrent call volume. Meaning the CCE can connect the call to the called CORE SBC and the CORE SBC handles call routing to other locations. This allows you to operate beyond the concurrent call limit of 500. If the SBC can handle more than 500 call simu…

Office 365 Groups and Teams


I worte a new free E-Book about Office 365 Groups and Teams.
You will learn how to calculate the Business Impact/ ROI, as well how to consult, configure and use those productivity features.

Office 365 Groups:

The Groups enable us to extend our Outlook collaboration to the next level and join in with our team members

Microsoft Teams require Office 365 Groups, this will bring the next level to our team communication, where we are even further able integrating our Office 365 Groups Tools

Happy reading!