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User Adoption Process Cross Tenant Migration

  Cross Tenant User Adoption Process   Change & Adoption is the most critical task in any tenant-2-tenant migration. Not only users who are migrated are impacted heavily by the migration. Users in the target tenant too. Especially in the target tenant they will experience constant changes. New users and groups are appearing, but not “life”, not actively working in the tenant. Further, new services related content will sequentially appear, like SPO sites, Teams Channel, Yammer or others. Since data is flying in slowly, there must be a communication and identification in place, that user are enabled identifying data source in migration. Same applies, for user in the source environment. Content/ data migrated will be in read-only. Content could become unavailable due to accomplished migration to the target. All depends on the migration process, procedures and planning. This needs to be communicated to all users in proper manner. Talking about external users, there is even a m