Duplicated phone number in Lync compare users (Active Directory vs Lync Database)

Lync duplicated phone number or
ow to compare Lync vs. Active Directory user setting

I had some issues at a customer site, where the customer was not handling user activation and de-activation in a proper way. So I was guessing we had duplicated phone numbers. Therefor it is necessary identifying which object was involved. No tool can be provided, as once more, scripting is necessary. You need to do some exports and compare it manually.

The issue was, if a user X try to make a PSTN call, Lync Client announced:


Call cannot be initiated.
Multiple Contacts exist including your phone number.

I suggested, we have an inconsistency between the Lync Server Database and Active Directory Lync Attribute msRTCSIP-Line.
Now we need a way to figure out where the other phone number was assigned. Truly we know, it was not AD related, so it must be in the Lync Server User Database.

Here the process how we were searching for the duplicated Phone Number:

Ldifde -d "dc=poett,dc=domain" -p SubTree -r "(objectClass=User)" -l "distinguishedname,ms-RTCSIP-Line," -f c:\test.txt

Syntax Documentation:http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc731033(v=ws.10).aspx

Next now, we had to query the Lync Server site and its Database:

dbimpexp.exe/hrxmlfile:"c:\lyncusers.xml" /restype:user

Optional, add

Syntax DbImpExp is written in the OCSResKit Documentation:http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=21165


Now we can compare the users

Open both generated Textfiles:

Now you are able to compare the both phone-numbers in AD and Lync Database.

TIP and Solution:
What you know have to do is quite simple. if the user still exist in AD, but e.g. is disable, enabled the user and reactivate this user for Lync and Enterprise Voice.
After this, you can simple remove the user proper from Lync !!

If the user was delete, simple create a new user, assign Lync and remove the Lync features again.

What Lync Server will do here is, it detects the users SIP msRTC Parameter and match the Database Object with the AD Object.
That's why you are able to disable a Lync User afterwards, where also the associated Database (RTC) entry is deleted!

Good Luck !


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