Lync Mobile Client 2013 VoIP announcement

I'm so excited,
finally Microsoft did it, as I had announced last November 2012.

The VoIP feature for Lync 2013 Mobile Client and it is amazing guys....

First let me summarize some requirements:

  • You will need an Lync 2013 Server CU update. CU1, which will be released soon.
  • Sure, as it was with Lync 2010, you need to deploy the mobile connectivity setup up.
  • You mobile device must be connected via 3G, 4G or Wifi.

What else is expected?
The RELEASE DATE is addressed for:
  • Windows Phone and iPhone/ iPAD: early March 2013
  • Android Phone: around April 2013 
  • Blackberry: on the road map

Windows 8 & Windows RT
Windows Phone
Lync and Lync online connectivity
New UI, photo, status, presence
View Lync contact list
IM, multiparty conversations
Distribution list expansion

Some more, Microsoft announced:
  • Battery Usage during the testing's where excellent even on IOS
  • Lync Mobile Client will support call-via-work with VoIP
  • Microsoft will make use of their own push service for Apple devices
  • Blackberry is on the roadmap, without a dedicated timeline
  • Desktop and Application Sharing is on the roadmap for all major smartphones
  • the mobile client will have an feature to control where Wifi is required for Voice/ Video (good news, so high roaming costs can be controlled)
  • Android Tables on the roadmap
  • The Lync Server Admin Console support controlling mobile experiences for:
    • Require Wifi for VoIP and Video
    • Limit data usage
    • push notification blocking
    • Save History can be disabled
  • Video federation for Lync / Skype
  • Interoperability between Lync and video telepresence devices
Watch it LIVE:


  1. Will the new client finally support certificate authentication? We don't use username and password but smartcards and certificates. This work just fine with activesync, but we haven't found any information that this will work with lync as well.

  2. In Exchange it works still a little different from Lync, while you are using IIS based services for Client Certificate Authentication or you configure TMG handling this.
    In Lync 2010/ 2013 you have to establish the third Authentication Protocol, called TLS-DSK.
    You can enable this on the Registrar Global Setting, called ENABLE CERTIFICATE AUTHENTICATION.

    I recommend you reading some our NetxHop Community Blogs:

    this is based on Lync 2010, but can be used for Lync 2013 too.
    I hope this could help.
    else you can contact me personally

  3. Will the Lync 2013 Mobile Client still support Call Via Work feature using the PSTN?
    Will this client work on Lync 2010?

  4. Hi Eduardo,
    regarding your first question, YES, the Lync 2013 Mobile Client will support PSTN calls, due to this call will end up on an Mediation Server/ PSTN Gateway, only at this point, the Call will be transcoded into an PSTN based call (SIP Trunk or ISDN).

    The new Lync 2013 Mobile Client should work against Lync 2010 Server, but NOT with voice features! It will only support the same features as the Lync 2010 Client support. This also means, no Video and not Sharing.
    Since we as MVPs also don't have early access to the Client, I could not test the client until it is released, I only refer back to the product group announcements.

    1. Thanks for your quick response Thomas, but my first question was related to the fact that if the Lync Mobile client has poor Internet signal and wants to communicate with a Lync users, can this be done without using VOIP? Just like the current Lync 2010 Mobile client does? Or now the new client can only work using VOIP from the Mobile to the Lync Server?

    2. Well if its like this:
      this for sure, which means, you are having the possibility to chat, see presence. Additional, we will be able to redirect calls to PSTN.
      Sure a VoIP call consumes some bandwidth. How the exact config will look like, I will update soon I have the client and the CU in my fingers.

  5. Hello Thomas

    I see you have most of the smartphones covered & hopefully we will see BB on this map again soon!

    What is the time line to include Mac and ensure the Mac Lync client is as feature rich as it is on Windows? Currently using 14.0.4.

  6. Hi Shelly,

    MSFT will not release a dedicated MAC OS Client, the only client available is via Apple Store (iOS). I'm not very familiar with MAC's, but if the AppStore is available on MAC OS, than I believe it should be possible installing the Lync Client.
    I tested only on iPad, iPhone it works fantastically.

  7. Hi Thomas

    Is there an option in Lync 2013 which allows users in a corporation to be able to block IM's from contacts but STILL be able to receive emails from them?

    Since Lync and Outlook are integrated we have been unsuccessful in trying to accomplish this, it's not detrimental to the employees work more like a nuisance.

    There is the option via "Change Privacy Relationship" but this will block both IM's & email.

    Many Thanks

  8. Hi Thomas,

    A question, is possible Lync 2013 Mobile to Mobile voice chat from Internet?
    I tested but voice problem.
    Also here is my example:
    MobileA, MobileB, WinClientA, WinClientB
    If MobileA & MobileB in a WLAN, Voice chat work.
    MobileA & MobileB from Internet (different provider), Voice chat doesnot work.
    But WinClientA & WinClientB from Internet (different provider), Voice chat work.

    I have just a Lync 2013 server, without trunk.
    Is it possible?


    1. Hi,
      your problem is normally port related.
      I suggest a test, bring your mobile client into WLAN and see if it works. Sometime the provider try blocking Voice Calls.

  9. Hi Thomas,
    Are you enabling any multi-factor authentication in mobile clients? We want to enable some additional Lync features externally, but we would like to use a stronger authentication method. Which options are available for doing something different from user/password externally?


    1. Hi Federico,
      Lync Mobile Client cannot be used with-in a multi-factor authentication. This is not supported.
      Only work-a-round is a VPN you might use on your mobile phone.
      sorry about this


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