Lync 2013 Web Scheduler (How to setup guide)

The Lync 2013 Web Scheduler was made for User who need to setup a Web Meeting without having Outlook available.
It is a very convenient method and easy to understand.

In our Demo Lab, I have documented all necessary steps:

So let’s add a new Simple URL.  We have three simple commands:

$urlEntry = New-CsSimpleUrlEntry -Url “
$simpleUrl = New-CsSimpleUrl -Component “WebScheduler” -Domain “*” -SimpleUrlEntry $urlEntry -ActiveUrl “
Set-CsSimpleUrlConfiguration -Identity Global -SimpleUrl @{Add=$simpleUrl} -Verbose

 First, we check the Simple URL Configuration and ensure all Topology settings were correctly made.
Than you have to use the script exactly as provided:


You do not need to run Enable-CsComputer, since this will not update the IIS URL Redirect, this will be one of our last steps, where we are running the Bootstrapper and let this changes be happen

DNS Configuration has to be modified/ enhanced:

Certificate Configuration

Certificate before Lync Web Scheduler Configuration:

Change the Certificate, to respond for



There is one more step

Now it is time for the BootStrapper:

Run and check the results for the IIS URL Redirect.

Before (internal Web)


After BootStrapper:

Now it is time to test the configuration: (Congratulation)




  1. Hey Thomas,

    This partially works for me. We have a reverse proxy in place as well as Edge. If I use the external web services FQDN (, then the page works. If I use the internal web services FQDN ( the page just shows up blank. What am I missing?

    1. Hi Courtney, did you run bootstrapper and validated the URL Rewriter? please check this first.

  2. Hello Thomas,

    i do all that you said in this blog. But when i go to (external), its redirect to : https://frontendserver.internal/scheduler

    do you know whats going on?

    regards, Martin

    1. Hi Martin, it first depends on you environment. But generally, if you are internal, should point to If you are external, it stays with
      But if you are, which I cant understand clearly from you, external and it redirects you to the internal name. Either the RevProxy is doing wrong or the the URL Redirect in IIS is not matching, btw, you run the bootstrapper again.
      Else you can contact me via the contact form and I will help you analyzing it.

  3. Dear Thomas,

    Thank you for this post, I have deployed the scheduler and it works well internally on my network via https://lyncfrontend.domain.local/scheduler but accessing it via the internet using doesnt work. i get to the scheduler home page but it gives error after entering my log on credentials. Error: "There was an error while signing in. Please try again" Please kindly help out

    1. you have two different URLs, for external, the FQDN hast to be in the SAN of the certificate assigned. If this is not happened, the authentication will have to fail.

  4. Dear Thomas,
    Thank you for your feedback. Please are you referring to the certificate assigned to the front end pool? if yes, the external FQDN is included in the SAN of the certificate assigned to the front end.

    1. Yes, your are right, the Frontend Server along with the reverse proxy (for external access). the external schedule is under the external IIS site, therefore it reachable via 4443 only.

  5. Hi Thomas,
    My problem is that it is rnning fine (I can see login page)when I used internal lync FE's url but it said "Lync Web Scheduler failed to start" when I typed "lyn FE's external url.

    May I know what I need to do and do I need to run boot strap?, if I do, how and where to run bootstrap? where it's located?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Thet, after you implemented the new SimpleURL and did the DNS, as well as the certificate. You run bootstapper enabling this changes.
      important is also you cannot have two, e.g. an internal and an external SimpleURL for schedule, do the same thing as you did with the dialin page. one single page based on the DEFAULT SIP DOMAIN.
      hope this helps

  6. Thomas, Your instruction worked great but I made a mistake in the url. How can I go back and change it? If I re run the machine says it's a duplicate and no changes were made.

    1. Hi Scott, you need to delete the URL by simply using the delete option and read it again

  7. Thomas, we use a single url format and Is it possible to use the same format for the scheduler?

    1. Sure you can do so. simply use the format as URL

    2. One more question, the web scheduler was installed and enabled by default. While I did not go through the process of defining the simple url, I already have the virtual directories in IIS. Do I still need to go through and define the simple url in powershell, or since this is already there, it should work? It works when I use the internal webservices URL, but does not work when I use the external. I appreciate the help

    3. All Up and running. You can disregard my last question. I did have to configure the simple url and run the bootstrap service before it would work.

      thanks again

    4. Excellent hearing it. Have fun with web scheduler


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