Lync become Sykpe for Business (#skype4b) - vNext

Finally it is time to announce the changes Microsoft made.
Still a lot feature are not yet public, but the name and the look and feel of the new client.

A lot of rumors ran around the last month and now we have a huge discussion if this name could be the right one.

YES, I say it is the right name, it is the right way Microsoft is going.

Nothing is more efficient for a company, if user are familiar with the tools they need to master within the company. And here it come. over 20m people use Skype today and yes, they are very familiar with this tool.
This means to us, the unified communication is now taking place in the real world.

Families and their members come closer together. We increase the social component in our work environments.

Never forget how amazing this is, chatting with your parents over the same tool. Even if this are two different platforms. Consumer (Skype) and Business (Skype for Business).
But now we have them together finally. Never sitting in a hotel on a business trip and can't see your wife and loved children.

That's what we were waiting for.
Thank you Microsoft.

And here a look into the new Client:

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