Skype for Business Mobile Client, feature set of Skype for Business for Windows Phone

Finally, this morning it was the day where I had the biggest smile.
The new Skype for Business Mobile Client was released. Amazingly the updates installed over night without actively doing anything.

The naming is not the mobile client, it is:
Skype for Business for Windows Phone, or iPhone and so on.

For me this is a good sign looking forward for all changes coming along with Skype for Business Server. What we can see is the focus on Enterprise Voice, Voice in unified Communication is essential and we need straight forward and simple to use user experiences. we need to have a client which works seamless with the desktop version and features.

Let me introduce you to some new feature in Skype for Business Mobile Client:

First look when the desktop tile is on the main screen:

Form here you can click your tile and will start the new welcome screen:
You are required to confirm the update and will proceed as normal.

Well on the first look it seems not to be different from the old Lync Client and only the Logo has changed.

But this would not what we expect!
First having a look into the About Page, checking the Version Number:
The Version yet is:
6.0.1430.0, called Skype for Business for Windows Phone.

We can see the view and join experience for meeting changed and is a little better to use and view.


What we need to recognize is the Call via Work (CvW) feature, but where this is hidden and what could be done here?

Next we need to have a look into the SETTINGS:
As we see the Call Forwarding settings have changed and can be controlled form the windows phone client / mobile client.
This is a important feature, but remember, if Call via Work is enabled for a user this configuration is greyed out!
Else, soon we operate natively in Skype for Business Enterprise Voice, the feature is helpful and makes our life more easy.
I also help making the Phone Client "quiet", by forwarding a call to another number/ user.
Since we need to have a Exchange Server with proper configured EWS (Exchange Web Service), we can now query the Outlook WORK HOURS! this is good for a very much controlled FORWARD configuration and helps making the systems more user friendly.

One new feature and finally it's there. We can use the FORWARD Option will all possible contacts, it is searching the:
- DEVICE (email and contacts)
- Skype for Business ADDRESS BOOK
Next look I'm looking more closer to the FORWARD CALL settings.
I can see the configured Mobile Number is in, this helps using a reliable network for phone call, since the mobile network is mostly more suitable for voice calls.
As said earlier, the entire Skype for Business Address Book can be searched. also the Contacts in S4B Phone Client. Here you can see the result of a Address Book and Call History test.
Michael has an account with one of our customers and he is in my conversation history, therefore he can becomes visible.
Remember same as with the Desktop Client, your CANNOT forward calls OUTSIDE your organization!
Showing the Device Contacts. I'm having all my contacts sync from 3 email accounts and here they are all! Perfect !!
Interestingly I found a good part of how we can configure the Skype for Business Mobile Policies. Especially here the Voice settings. This is not the same as the Wi-Fi required option for Voice/ Video, it is more related to the BEST USER EXPERIENCE.
If we are in an area of bad network coverage, we can set our best quality calling based on the three options:
VoIP always
All calls will be transmitted over the best data network choice. 1st WiFi, 2nd CELLULAR
VoIP over WiFi only
All call must use WiFi network, if the network isn't available outbound calls are NOT working. Inbound experience is different, here inbound calls are receive if the WiFi networks is not accessible via Cellular / phone, it will also change the call forwarding settings to simultaneous ringing to your mobile number.
All voice call must use the normal cellular network, you mobile plan. this feature activates the call forward to simultaneously ringing to your mobile phone.
Some might now ask, I thing we had something similar with Lync. No we hadn't, because this feature now exactly controls the behavior. Therefore e.g. your do not receive a Skype call and a cellular call at the same time on your mobile anymore!

Btw the starting behavior hasn't changed and the client is still slow!


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