Broadcast Meeting Web View and App View

(v 1.0, 4th Nov 2015)

Today I'm digging deeper into Skype for Business Broadcast Meeting.
As its not all about video, the presentation side is important. how to make PowerPoint visible to the audience.
Also it is easy to handle?
How is the user experience when a user joins via a webbrowser?

Simply said it is excellent.

If you need to understand how setting up a meeting, please follow my last blog article: 

Have a look and I explain what to do and how to use it.

If you join as an authenticated user and being part of the Presenter Team, the browser checks the Desktop App and will ask you for access permission.

As usual, if you click the "Monitor" button, it give you the option uploading a PowerPoint file and als manage the content. Once it is uploaded it is show in the preview windows, where you can also use the PowerPoint Tools e.g. the marker or others.

Next step is the Broadcast activation, meaning you need to start broadcasting to the participants. which you do by clicking the broadcast meeting button on the right.

Soon clicked, the broadcast is activated and streamed to the audience. From here you follow the same principals as you did with the common / classic Skype for Business Meeting or Lync Meeting.
Whats about Bing Pulse or Yammer?
Wenn this is managed outside the meeting right now. You need to login to Yammer and start the Social Media part from there. This is good and make it more understandable, that if you are hold a lagre meeting, please make sure do don't do it alone. You need support from multiple person. This is even different from a "normal common meeting".
The audience joining the meeting now see the following.
First if you join, the experience is different, no Meeting Lobby is here, you simply join based on the meeting join permission set earlier. (Maybe later a temporary picture can be presented here). 
As described in the upper chapter, once the presenter team started the meeting, meaning start the broadcast, the PowerPoint is streamed to the attendees. and the will see the presentation listen to audio and see the video.
Yammer as I had configured first during the meeting setup is presented now in the right frame. ere all action will be show. I had have Yammer group right now associated with my test account. But it is self explainable how this will work. 


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