Trun off beep tone while muted - Skype for Business Client

How to turn off Skype for Business Mute Beep

I was asked how to turn off the stress tune while you headset microphone is muted.

First you need to know, this is NOT a Skype for Business Client feature.
This is only happend when you use a JABRA headset.

There is only one possible solution.
Jabra offers the PC SUITE.

Download PC Suite and start the installation

1. Go to the Jabra Control Center
2. Make sure your device is highlighted
3. On the "Headset" tab, make sure you are in Advanced View
4. Uncheck "Enable mute reminder tone"
5. Click Apply.

Bad news are:
Not every Jabra headset supports this or even the comfort noise setting.
So please test your headset before you buy them.


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