Managing Priority Access in Teams

Managing Priority Access in Teams

Priority access in Teams allows you to receive notifications for chat, calls, and @mentions from your defined people.

Finally it is implemented.
If you imagine, that your status Do Not Distrub, is not only about keep people from interrupting you during a presenation, it is further about supporting your Focused Work.

If you concentrate on a complex task, where you need to work with a team member and set you status to DnD, he is blocked from contacting you.
You wish not to fallback to traditional offline communications, like E-Mail. It is therefore, necessary allowing those members, supports contacting you.

With Microsoft Teams you can now define "Priority Access". Define your supporters and allowing them to contact you even while DnD is activated.

Activate PriorityAccess

Go to Settings:

Chose "Privacy" and click on "Manage priority access"

Add the people you need:

You setting are saved and activated:


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