Change Microsoft 365 Tenant Default Language


the core (during setup) language is set, defined and "burned-in" during your tenant setup.

You CANNOT change the M365 Core language
(the language the tenant was setup in).

This impacts all users in your tenant.
They will ALLWAYS receive notification in the language defined during SETUP.

If you have set FRENCH during setup and change to e.g. English or whatever else. System Messages like SharePoint Storage limit is reached will be in the setup default language. In this case here French!

The Organizational Information setting below will not change the default language to users or admins. !

Be ware of the difference of "PREFERRED LANGUAGE" and the "CORE" language chosen during tenant setup! -> NOTE: always document the language during setup of a tenant !

You will are not able to see the core language.

But in case of tool based cross-tenant migrations, e.g. with SharePoint, the library folder in a target tenant will appear in the source tenant core folder.


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