How to configure Cloud Connector Edition with Cloud PBX - Office 365 (Sonus Cloud Link)

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#The How-To Guide for Cloud PBX in Office 365 Skype for Business Online with Sonus Cloud Link

This how-to guide is written in technical level 200 for Pre-Sales Consultant and the second half reaches leave 400 for Office 365, Sonus Cloud Link CCE Appliance and the Session Boarder Controller.
We start from the Pre-Sales consulting process and the associated arguments. The Pre-Sales and Consultants will learn how the Cloud Connector Edition is working, technical deep drive inside CCE and last but not least the configuration of Office 365 Skype for Business Online and the wizard based CCE installation. Followed by a common scenario with Cloud PBX and multiple sites across different regions.
Second topic is a direct SIP connection to 3rd party on-premises applications (e.g. Contact Center, local PBX or others). Here we focus on the locally hosted Contact Center.
The question might be asked, “How can we use different CCE sites with different PSTN breakouts assigned?” The answer is, by utilizing a simple two-site deployment that allows replicating the configuration to larger designs with N-Sites.
For the examples that follow, there will be two locations. The first in Munich, Germany, and the other in London, UK. Both sites have their own dedicated PSTN breakout. It will not matter if the connection to the PSTN gateway is via an ISDN/PRI, or an SIP Trunk line. However, there can be a PBX behind the local site gateway.
If Media Bypass is not available, the user can connect to the customer’s LAN, and the connection to the Mediation Server can be direct if firewall rules allow this path. In this scenario, the users connect over the Internet.
PSTN-based calls can generally flow in two directions, from PSTN -> Cloud PBX user, or from the Cloud PBX user -> PSTN. The simplest call flow is the incoming call from PSTN -> Cloud PBX.
Every CCE has a direct connection/path to the Microsoft Office 365 Skype for Business online platform. Therefore, every incoming call will be signalized to the Cloud PBX directly. There are no other logical or technical considerations.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Cloud Connector Edition     5
CCE Planning and Configuration Guide     5
CCE Voice Routing with Multi-site (Generic)    5
CCE Network Switches in Hyper-V      7
Generic Sonus CCE Appliance Setup     8
Advanced Features       9
Network Setup        10
Generating the CSR and Import Certificate    10
Configuring the CCE       11
Infrastructure Definition of Cloud Connector Edition   12
Scenario-based Infrastructure      12
System, MPLS and Connectivity Infrastructure    13
CCE Appliance Infrastructure      15
Logical Infrastructure       17
DNS         17
External Certificates       18
Internal Certificates       19
Firewall Port Configuration      20
Configuration Guide for Users, Dial-Plans, Voice Routes and PSTN Usage 21
Connect to Skype for Business Online     21
Management Guide for Users      22
Reading and Writing User Information and Settings   22
Configuration Guide for Cloud Connector on the Sonus Appliance  23
Cloud Connector Configuration Data Definition    24
Configuration Data Definition APSITE1 (Malaysia)   25
Configuration Data Definition APSITE2 (Germany)    26
Cloud Connector Configuration Files (CloudConnector.ini)  27
Configuring the Sonus Appliance      34
Sonus Appliance Setup – Germany Site     34
Sonus Appliance Setup – Malaysia Site     45
Sonus Session Border Controller Configuration Numbering (Normalization) 56
Normalization – CCE Deployment Overview     56
Normalization – Configuration      57
Normalization – Germany Site (Munich and Toronto)   58
Normalization – Malaysia Site (Kuala Lumpur)    60
Normalization – Incoming from SIP Trunk (Summary)   66
Setting Up the Contact Center Connections    67
Configuring Microsoft Office 365     72
Establishing a Skype for Business Online Session   74
Creating a Hybrid PSTN Site      75
Managing Hybrid PSTN Users      76
Assigning a Hybrid PSTN Site to Users     76
Assigning Voice to Users (Cloud PBX)     76
Assigning On-premises Phone Numbers to Cloud PBX Users   79
Testing All Configurations and Connections..............................82
DialPlans With CCE in Office 365     88
Commandlets for Online Configuration     89
Dial-in Conferencing Commandlets     89
E911 and Location Information Service (LIS) Commandlets   89
Skype Meeting Broadcast Commandlets     89
PSTN Calling Commandlets      89
Hybrid PSTN Site and User Commandlets     90
Internet Protocol Phone Commandlets     90
Reporting Commandlets       90
Online User Commandlets       90
Cloud Connector INI File Parameters     91


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