LYNC 2013 New Features

Let's start with the overview and the major changes introduced into LYNC 2013.

Operating System:
64bit and Windows Server 2008 or 2008 R2 is required, with the Std, Ent or DC version only.

Consolidated Server Roles:
Now the A/V Conferencing Server is always collocated with the Front-End Server.
Monitoring and Archiving can also be collocated with the Front-End Server (with its own dedicated SQL Database)

High Availability:
Lager Pools are possible, up to 20 Servers
Disaster Recovery Data Center option allows an Admin to failover the effected User to the second paired Pool.
Including an optional Witness Server (SQL), you can now deploy SQL Server Synchronous Mirroring.

Enterprise Voice:
Multi Trunk Support between Mediation Server and Gateway (Inter-Trunk)
Additional Call Authorization for Call Forwarding and Simultaneous Ringing
Manager and Delegate simultaneous ringing
Voice Mail Escape
Caller ID presentation
Conferencing dail-out for non Enterprise Voice enabled users

IM and Presence:
Unified Contact Store (with Exchange 2013), enables contact management via O2k13, OWA, Lync 2013. All Users Contact information are now optional stored in Exchange 2013
better XMPP integration, e.g. Skype

Conferencing:with the new Office Web App Server, the PPTX will be used via OWA in higher-resolution and better support for Mobile Devices
You can have a Gallery View in Conferencing, so you see multiple parties video
Archiving will now store shared conferencing document in E2k13 Data Storage (PPTX, Attachments, Whiteboards and Polls)

External User Access:
IPv6 on the Edge Server (if you are connected with IPv6)
Edge Server has the XMPP Proxy included

Monitoring/ Archiving:
Monitoring is a feature on the Front-End Server now and only
Archiving is integrated with E2k13
it can make use of the SQL mirroring feature and stores Whiteboards and Polls

Persistent Chat Server:
this is really cool !
you can now have chats, where you can join it again, after you left a chat (over time persistence)

you can now fully rely on an IPv6 integrated network.
(Ferrari Electronic Mediagateways are also since today supported with IPv6)


  1. Excellent Thomas.

    A quick question: Will Lync 2013 support in-place upgrade from Lync 2010?

    Do you know if any Microsoft course on Lync 2010 coming soon?


  2. Hi Shahbaz,
    An in-place upgrade is not supported, you have to install a new pool and move the users as you did e.g. from OCS -> Lync 2010. This is regarding totally different bits and Database schema in Lync 2013.

    Courses are coming soon after the RTM is released, but there is right now no release date for RTM. Personally i guess for Q1'13

    Hope this helps


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