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Just some similar for Lync, what we have to do for the Cisco Integration (SIP Trunk)
How to configure a SIP trunk between Cisco Call Manager 5.x or 6.x and OCS 2007 R1 or R2 (it is the SAME for LYNC)Lync is an IP PBX with its extensions 3xxx and you need to connect it with Cisco PBX with extensions 7xxx.for the SIP trunk to work fine we need to have some specific configuration on that trunk , if any of these settings are not configured right then you will not be able to make a stable calling between Cisco and LYNC.

For my customer i could define:
LYNC customer uses the internal Extension 3XXX,CISCO accepts E.164 number, e.g. +6031234567898 (+, country code (2), Area code (1-2), number (7))711µlaw is usedN on-secure SIP trunk (no TLS encryption)

You find the config: Device Configuration


Now the SIP trunk, which is acting like the bridge between the cisco and the LYNC, is created, ok then we need to create a criteria where this trunk is going to be used in. This is where is Pattern comes in where we will say if a Cisco phone set tries to dial extensions starting with 3xxx then you use the trunk which we have just created .
and from the way back from the LYNC to Cisco , when the number is sent in the E164 formate with the + , the Cisco will simply ignore all that and will take only the last 4 Digits which are the 7xxx

Now you are ready to make the call and Enjoy the Integration


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