Active Directory Object missing (AAD) with Teams/ Skype for Business online

This reported issue "Active Directory Object missing" is most likely happen if your run an Office 365 Tenant smaller than RING 4. Mainly TAP Tenant. 

Else if you experience those issues within your Customer Tenant, simply follow the same procedure.

It can be with any objects, which have a correlated AAD object.
(AAD = Azure Active Directory)

The problem occurs, if there are any inconsistence between the AAD and CMS objects. Saving the configuration from CMS into the AAD object is what’s happening in the background and will therefore solve the issue.

First login to you Office 365 Tenant and navigate to Skype for Business Admin Center (later Communication) and locate the object having this issue...

 Next open the object and press "Edit"

Once the object configuration opens, don't change anything and click "Save"

Now the object configuration will be saved to AAD 
If a message like this "Active Directory object for location the xxx requires re-provisioning" will be shown, click "Edit" + "Save" once more. 

Close the configuration Tab and the status should be "empty".



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