Office 365 Group Calendar in Teams

I stepped over an interesting possibility, making TEAMS more to your prefered Modern Workplace Team Tool.

You are able to add your Teams Calendar (from Office 365 Groups) into a Apps Tab.

This enables you to seeing your related appointment faster.

Disadvantage is, you can navigate through Outlook Web App as usual. This is generally not an issue an further more, it allows you also writing emails from within TEAMS!
Not, you only see in OWA the content from the user you logged in with.

Ok, lets start:

Got to Outlook Web App

go to your Group Calendar related to your TEAM.
Copy the entire URL...

Open TEAMS and click "add" new App

Chose "Website"

Name the Tab "Calendar"
Paste the URL
Click Save

You are ready and will see the Teams Calendar now within teams

Hope you find this helpful and experiment with more possible Tabs/ Apps in Teams.


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