Example of our cross tenant user data migration approach


Example of our user data migration approach:

Important is the completion of your data pre-load for OneDrive and Exchange.

Remember, that the pre-load should include as much data as possible. Syncing on the cut-over day data > 10 GB or more than 500 files in OneDrive, might end up with an INCOMPLETE set of data in the target. Therefore, you should urge using the OneDrive Cross-tenant OneDrive Migration tool from Microsoft.
The user will than see data being migrated (missing data) upon he starts working in the target environment. This will not be happening with the cross-tenant migration tool. The switch to the target tenant will take approx. 15min.

Migration of Teams personal Chat messages, we mostly limit to 15 days. The performance is acceptable migrating approx. 400 – 800 users/day.

You should have special procedures in place for legal-hold users, white glove and user object facing issues.

  1. Prepare source and target tenant and ensure the readiness for Microsoft tools
  2. Prepare computer migration (if it goes along with the user migration) and start the computer migration (3rd party tool)
  3. Teams EV Phone Number assignment
  4. Place user in any AD Group required (e.g. for computer object migration/ Desktop update Agents)
  5. Set SMTP Redirect
  6. Initiate OneDrive cross-tenant move
  7. Migrate D15 Teams personal Chat Messages (15 days of chat)
  8. Finalize Mailbox Content migration (cross-tenant move)
  9. Start Teams Meeting Link Migration (3rd party tool)
  10. Run User Profile migration
  11. Execute computer management (e.g. Intune, AutoPilot or SCCM)

Upon all users are migrated, you can start the Teams Personal Chat Migration, e.g. into a HTML File, or other archive solution.


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