Teams Personal Chat Migration into Azure Data Lake


Personal Chat Migration into Azure Data Lake


Another approach, rudimentary described in the white paper is, migration or better said exporting Teams chat messages into Azure Data Lake solution.


To be said upfront, this is not a solution you or a consultancy company can do, rather you must engage Microsoft (MCS/PSS). This is an internal Microsoft solution using a private API for export.


There are several options on how data can be extracted:

-          Single large XML file

-          Individual XML files per Teams user

There is no other way yet, rather than using XML. Further, you must purchase an Azure VM and Azure Storage. The costs aren’t too high and acceptable.
After Chat message extraction, the consolidated XML file will be sent via email or copied into OneDrive.


Talking about user experience. This is not a user-friendly option! As user must have an XML reader and message can only be found by an XML search. This makes it difficult finding messages.

But in case of compliance or other relevant requirement, where chat messages must be taken along during a cross-tenant migration, this option should be considered.


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