Operators Connect Cross Tenant Migration


Operators Connect – hosted and managed SBC booked via M365


Literally, you can see Operators Connect as a mixture of Direct Routing and Callings plans.

The advise towards a operator connect change is, engaging your carrier/ provide very early. They might have their own procedures. They mostly operate their own SBC infrastructure could offer a dual forking in the same approach as described in the section Direct Routing. It also could be they operate eSBC (Enterprise SBC).

You still need following their procedures and this can make it completely different for the User T2T migration approach and schedule.

Nevertheless, there is always an option. Users can be migrated to the target tenant without telephony. For placing and receiving calls, user can login to their source tenant and handle calls for there.

This is truly not the best user experience, but possible.
Same will apply to Call Queues and Auto Attendants.




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