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Polycom CX700 cannot sign in with Lync 2013

this is a fast published article Warning: DO NOT UPGRADE TANJAY/ CX700 TO THE LATEST FIRMWARE 4397/4411. Your lync phone will be partially not able signing in with Lync 2013 more info an fix will be provided soon Reference: SOLUTION: As I promised, here it come... The bug is related to some undocumented processes for the so called old OCS Phone, which are the Tanjay/ cx700. this login process and firmware update process is totally different from other Lync phones. What do I have to do: TANJAY: Update the phone to the newest firmware, but be aware, the phone holds the version before 4397. LYNC environment: Phone Login: -  the OCS Phone Edt, will NOT login via sip.<domain fqdn>, it will only us the sipinternal.<domain fqdn>. Therefore ensure, the SIPINTERNAL FQDN is on the local certificate. Our findings have shown, Tanjay will still query the sip.<domain fqdn>, will also