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Cross-Tenant Synchronization for seamless application access is now generally available

  Cross-Tenant Synchronization for seamless application access is now generally available! - Microsoft Community Hub Cross-tenant access settings for secure collaboration now generally available! - Microsoft Community Hub More learning can be found here: What is a cross-tenant synchronization in Azure Active Directory? - Microsoft Entra | Microsoft Learn

How to hide users from GAL if they are AD Connect synchronized

How to hide and un-hide users from Global Address List (GAL) in Exchange Online if they are AD Connect synchronized Hiding User from GAL isn't possible if those are synchronized form On-Premises Active Directory. The local AD is the leading system for all important attributes, like SMTP, UPN and hiding from GAL. Especially during a cross-tenant migration, you do not want to see not migrated user in the GAL. Those User aren't actively working until their cut-over day. Since the Exchange Online attribute  msExchHideFromAddressList s is an AD on-premises parameter, we have two possible ways hiding user in BME from GAL.   Modify the AD Connect for your teant with a custom rule, by using a extensionAttribute to set the HidefromGAL. In this rule, for users which have an entry in the extensionAttribute, hiding / un-hiding will be controlled by AD Connect This is the best option for Cross-Tenant Migration, if you run 2 or more AD Connect system We direct modify the AD hide at

Turn off incoming video in Microsoft Teams

During the last month, Microsoft updated the Teams experience. The important feature turning off incoming video has moved to a new position. Click " VIEW " and than " MORE OPTIONS " -> " Turn off incoming video "

Notification for migrated Users during Cross-Tenant Migration

 It is important for users informing other about their status or migration. Therefore, Exchange Online offers good solution, the Out Of Office Message. User might even receive a new DNS domain in some cases. For good user experience, internal and external persons could be informed. Out of Office messages are also visible in Microsoft Teams. User the cmdlet  Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration Example: Set-MailboxAutoReplyConfiguration -Identity -AutoReplyState Enabled -InternalMessage "I'm migrated to TARGET." -ExternalMessage "Due to our company merger, I'm migrated to COMPANY, you will be able contacting me at" -ExternalAudience All 

Cross-Tenant Migration in Microsoft 365 - Generic Overview