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Event 1034, LS File Transfer Agent Service fail after server removal

After a pool and his associated Edge server were decommissioned, I consistently receiving this error: Error : Skype for Business Server 2015, File Transfer Agent service encountered an error while accessing a file share and will continuously attempt to access this file share until this issue is resolved. While this condition persists, replication to replica machines might not occur. Access denied. ( \\\xds-replica\from-master\ ) Cause: Possible issues with file share permissions. This can occur if the computer hosting the file share has outdated cached credentials for the computer that is trying to access the file share. Resolution: For details about how to resolve file share permission issues, see the product documentation. Event ID: 1034 Task Category: 1121 Next I need to check some leftovers from the decommissioning. Checking the Central Management Store Status gave me a hint: PS C:\Windows\system32> Get-CsManagementStoreRep

Move User from a dedicated Pool via Powershell

How to move users to different pool or how to migrate user to another pool. Simple and often forgotten: NOTE: The Get-CsUser command do not offer a -Pool or -SourceFQDN parameter! Therefor you need to use pipelining and filtering. Get-CsUser -Filter {RegistrarPool -eq "CurrentPoolFqdn"} | Move-CsUser -Target " TargetPoolFQDN" - MoveConferenceData NOTE: The Option CurrentPoolFqdn and TargetPoolFqdn must be specified in the form of: server.domain.local MoveConferenceData  : Please don't forget moving the users conferencing data stored in the File Share. Note that you should not use the MoveConferenceData parameter if you are moving users as part of a disaster recovery procedure . Instead, you should rely on the backup service for moving conference data as part of a disaster recovery procedure Care about users conferencing ID is not necessary while moving a user to new pool: When you move a user to an Skype for Business or Lync Server 2

Skype for Business Client Update Februar + March 2016

Let me give you an overview about the changes applied with the SfB Client Update from February and planned for CU for March:   Auto-accept presented content Single click Desktop Sharing (single Monitor) Meeting join with / without mic or speaker better sharing real estate Notify other when everyone can see presented content fast switching to newly connected devices without call on hold additional connected monitor: prompt fir sharing auto hide sharing tool bar smart Team Contacts Meeting Reminder   A new video technology/ codec for P2P screen sharing is implemented: The P2P sharing is changed from RDP to High Fidelity Video-Based Screen Sharing (VBSS) With the targeted update for March, it should be implemented for Meeting too. Requirement ist the Office 2016 client. NOT the Office 2013 updated client Version (15).   Fast and more efficient: 15 FPS with VBSS instead of 8 FPS with RDP       Therefor it becomes als more reliable