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Lync 2013 Client, Desktop Sharing shows blank screen (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1)

I came across this problem, where a customer reported: A user could not participate on desktop sharing session, neither in conference nor in a p2p session. Other video related submission were working, like video or white board. First I was guessing it could have been the video driver, but if video in Lync was working it didn't sound quite logic. After investigating this problem, I saw a ActiveX blocking Error Message in the Eventviewer: Microsoft Lync CLSID: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} CATID: {9B179D6E-9BDB-454b-BE3D-89F9A792BD39} The ActiveX Compatibility setting disabled loading this object to help protect your security. 15.0.4433.1506 0x80004005 This let me investigate more closer into Internet Explore. Well even there is couldn't see anything directly: Microsoft reports several TechNet article: So you need to change the ActiveX Control Settings for Lync 2013

Polycom VVX UC Software 5.1.1 Revision B is released

Hello everyone,   We are pleased to announce  the most awaited Polycom® UC Software 5.1.1 Revision B associated utilities and documents are now available on the Polycom Product Support web pages ( ) for download.   UC Software 5.1.1 Revision B is a UC Software feature for all VVX Business media phones and SoundStructure.   This Version 5.1.1 Rev. B is now certified from Microsoft for Lync 2013 Polycom UC Software 5.1.1 Revision B offers support for the following endpoint platforms: ·       VVX ® 300/310 business media phone ·       VVX ® 400/410 business media phone ·       VVX ® 500 business media phone ·       VVX ® 600 business media phone ·       VVX ® 1500 business media phone ·       Polycom ® SoundStructure ® This release also provides support for the following VVX accessories: ·       Polycom VVX ® camera ·       Polycom VVX ® Expansion Module   What is available now on web? ·          UC Software 5.1.1 Revisi

Cannot join external Lync Meeting: Lync Edge Server Single IP Address (Lync Edge Server Single IP Web Conferenceing Problem)

Lync Edge Server FQDN and IP PORTS (Version 1.2, Update 26.11.2014) As we all know, we can configure Lync Edge Server in several way. 1) Single Edge Server with a SINGLE IP ADDRESS 2) Single Edge Server with MULTIPLE IP ADDRESSES (3x IPs) 3) Multiple Edge Server in a Pool, with MULTIPLE IP ADDRESSES (Zx 3 IPs) Regardless what we are going to configure, there are common / well-known TCP Port necessary making Lync work, which are: Access: Port: 443 and 5061 Conferencing: Port: 443 and (444) AV: Port: 443 (I have not listed other ports, e.g. STUN or the dynamic port range. This is not required for the topic discussed here) External FQDN with single IP address: What can we see here? If we are going to choose a single IP address, we would have TCP Port overlapping. Therefore the only way avoiding this is assigning other ports. Additionally we will also see and are reminded that Lync highly depends on DNS. If we have single IP, we must have use single, unique FQDN fo