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Netiquette in Online Meeting (Video)

I suggest, 1000 words will not replace a good video :) Hope you enjoy and please leave some comments

Teams include System Audio in Presentations and Desktop Sharing

Teams include System Audio in Presentations and Desktop Sharing In most of the presenations, you include e.g. Videos or other audio sources. With Microsoft Teams your are able to include the involved audio. Upon you start sharing your screen, you have to include the system audio by clicking the check box on top of your sharable option. marked in a green box.

User Adoption - Important Announcement

Hi my fellow Teams interested community. Today I have to make an important announcement. From today onwards, I will primarily focus on User Adoption. How Businesses can benefit, well how users can benefit, from a central technology platform like Microsoft Teams. Technology is moving still fast, here I'm thinking it is very important to care about the efficiency of driving businesses to the next level and participiate positivly from those modern service. Hope you will be excited like me, seeing what is possible and how to do this. Cheers Thomas

Teams Open Federation

OPEN FEDERATION in Microsoft TEAMS With Microsoft Teams, there is an important difference configuring OPEN FEDERATION . While in Skype for Business, it was a simple Option: Off, Open with blocked Domains or Blocked with Allowed Domaind In Teams, it is different. Team Open Federation is activ by default ! Soon you are adding a "Allowed Domain", the Open Federation is revoked. Only Federation with users in the allowed Domain list is possible ! SOLUTION: Remove all Allowed Domains in Teams Admin Portal Different with Blocked Domains, here the Open Federation will be kept, but blocked Domains are expluded from Federation! In Teams Admin Portal, you will find the Statement About Federation. External access lets your Teams and Skype for Business users communicate with other users that are outside of your organization. By default, your organization can communicate with all external domains. If you add blocked domains, all other domains will be allowed but if y