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Cross-Tenant Migration Legal-Hold or Encrypted Mail or File Data

 This is a quick note and IMPORTNANT : Within a Cross-Tenant Migration project, you can experience data encryption. Note the following statement and plan accordingly. Legal-Hold: There is no possibility to migrate data (EXO, SPO, OneDrive) if the source is set on legal-hold Encrypted Data: It depends on the encryption method. Either AIP or user based. If it user based, the migration can work and with the resignment of the the encryption/decryption might work again. But while the DNS domain is with the source tenant, encrypted mails become unusable. With AIP, the only way is to decrypt in source, than migrate and encrypt in target again. Migrating a tenant AIP key is NOT possible

Teams new and MTO (Multi Tenant Organization)

Microsoft is moving towards a new optimized collaboration and administration for organizations operating multiple M365 tenants. New Teams client is supporting this feature. Nevertheless, there are (today in public preview) limitations to MTO, which might be removed over time. Self-service of multitenant organization functionality is limited to a maximum of five tenants and 100,000 internal users per tenant. To request a raise in these limits, submit a Microsoft Entra ID or Microsoft 365 admin center support request. Further to me, it is NOT a real multi-tenant organization, as we know from earlier days in AD, where we had "SubDomains", it is based on automated B2B identities, which are provisioned as B2B users automatically. This is the sync feature in MTO. Below the extract from Microsoft blog release: Using shared channels for seamless cross-tenant collaboration and communication In a  recent blog , we shared how Microsoft Teams Connect enables seamless and secure collabora