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Moderating Teams Channels

Working with Moderated Channels in Teams: Beside of the upcoming Private Channels, in Teams you can control channel and messaging/ collaboration in multiple ways. The optimal control what a channel shall be for, is found under Managing Channel. You want to be able in the sense of Teams Adoption controlling (other words: optimizing) collaboration.  A channel can have multiple functions:  Information Channel  Information Channel with dedicated feedback  Moderated Channel  Controlling behavior of Guest  BOT or CONNECTOR controlled Those options provide us with a greater flexibility in optimization of Teams Usage. It will drive best user experience and archive an optimal approach for Business Processes and Information Flow within a Collaboration Platform. First you have to create a channel within the Team: After its creation, select the Manage channel option. The configuration windows start with controlling Guest behavior. You can restri

DnA User Group Objectives

if you are in Microsoft Teams and want to learn how to develop BOT's and APP's in Teams, you are welcome. We focus together with Microsoft Product Group strongly in this area. We talk about coding and business oriented developments. How you can customize Teams optimizing your companies business flows and processes. We are all Microsoft MVP's helping you and guide you through the life cycle. Talking and teaching development and Business Process Modelling. We are located in Munich :) The kick-off was great and we have decided what we will develop jointly as open source publish in GitHub: a corporate menu plan  asking the BOT/App about kcal and health, as well a nutrition Building proactive Lunch Buddies the Lunch Buddies are, where the App proactively ask workmates by popups, joining together the lunch time. Building synergy and helping solving diversity issues in companies. Our GitHub: https://githu