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Teams Delegates Permission Settings

Are you aware of this important feature? You can now configure different permissions for your delegates in Microsoft Teams. You can set Make and Receive Calls on a per user basis. For an example: Your personal assistant can make and receive calls on behalf, but like a workmate might only be able to receive calls only.  Another option would be, if you don't want to us a call queue, you could configure a user with delegates making calls on behalf of an e.g. Call Agent but will not be able to be called back. Navigate to the User Settings / General section and click "Manage Delegates".  

Teams Call Queue Opt Out

With Microsoft Teams Call Queue, On-Premise or Online (Phone System) you can let  Agents decide of Opt Out auf their assigned Call Queue: Agents can manage their Queue membership status in Call Queues Tab: The CQ needs to be configured with this " Agents can opt out of talking calls " option points to Agents' personal User Settings page in Office 365, Agents need to be logged into their accounts in order to access it. If the Agents are not logged in, they will be redirected to the login portal before they can access their User Settings page.