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MFA User cannot access Mobile Phone e.g. lost phone (work around)

One-time bypass  is the solution: The one-time bypass feature allows a user to authenticate a single time without performing two-step verification. The bypass is temporary and expires after a specified number of seconds. In situations where the mobile app or phone is not receiving a notification or phone call, you can allow a one-time bypass so the user can access the desired resource. Create a one-time bypass S ign in to the Azure portal as an administrator. Browse to Azure Active Directory > MFA Server > One-time bypass . Select Add . If necessary, select the replication group for the bypass. Enter the username as . Enter the number of seconds that the bypass should last. Enter the reason for the bypass. Select Add . The time limit goes into effect immediately. The user needs to sign in before the one-time bypass expires. View the one-time bypass report Sign in to the Azure portal. Browse to Active Directory > MF