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Teams Troubleshooting and Log Analysis

DARFT VERION 2019-04-01 Debug Logs: Windows: %userprofile%\Downloads Desktop Logs: Windows: %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams\logs.txt Debug logs These are the most common logs and are required for all Microsoft support cases. Debug logs are produced by the Windows and Mac desktop clients, as well as browser based clients. The logs are text based and are read from the bottom up. They can be read using any text based editor and new logs are created when logging into the client. Debug logs show the following data flows: Login Connection requests to middle tier services Call/conversation The debug logs are produced using the following OS specific methods: Windows: Right-click the Microsoft Teams icon in your application tray, select Get Logs Choosing Get Logs from the Help pull-down menu Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Alt + Shift + 1 Mac OSX: Choosing Get Logs from the Help