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Cloud Connector Edition set automatic tenant update time windows

A very important task after installing a CCE (Cloud Connector Edition) You must set a proper Update Time for your CCE Windows Updates und CCE Patching. WARNING 1: If you don't do this, at any point of time the CCE might start installation updates and will set you offline for the installation for up to 3hrs+. WARNING 2: You have to configure the UPDATE Window before you deploy the CCE ! NOTE: The time zone is not configurable, but is tight to the Hyper-V host (the CCE location) defined in the windows host. Make sure the time zone setting are correct on the CCE! First login in to your Office 365 Tenant Import-Module skypeonlineconnector $cred = Get-Credential $Session = New-CsOnlineSession -Credential $cred -Verbose Import-PSSession $session Enable (Updates Windows) You have to identify (name) and define a update windows New-CsTenantUpdateTimeWindow -Identity AlwaysOn -Daily -StartTime 0:00 -Duration 24:00 You have to identify your CCE site and assign the up

Installing Cloud Connector Edition in Office 365

Based on the following PDF, I have published on Technet Gallery, I explain how to setup a CCE Appliance from Sonus, the SBC 1000 Cloud Link. Generally, if you use the same CloudConnector.ini, as provided in the How-To Guide, you will also be able installing the CCE on a dedicated physical Hyper-V Host. The full 96 pages you can download here: Happy reading ;) Logical Infrastructure DNS DNS access is required externally for the Access Edge Server and the Media Relay (Audio); video is not implemented for local breakouts. The internal CCE servers must resolve internal DNS names and the Access Edge component via external DNS. Therefore, the Access Edge should resolve DNS externally and have a host file ( C:\Windows\System32\drivers\hosts) for internal DNS resolution. Note: The DNS suffix external tenant is not supported . SIP.<sipdomain> for any CCE is not supported,