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DNS Records for Skype for Business Hybrid Installation

DNS Configuration for Skype for Business Hybrid Deployments DNS settings are important and you need to understand how your organizations Skype for Business communication flow works. First important understanding: If you run a hybrid installation, your Office 365 Tenant with Skype for Business Online is seen from your On-Premise installation as a federated organization. Therefore the following DNS records must also be resolvable from your internal DNS infrastructure (Edge Server). Depending on how DNS is configured in your organization, you may need to add these records to the internal hosted DNS zone for the corresponding SIP domain(s) to provide internal DNS resolution to these records. (see illustration below table) DNS RECORD RECORD TYPE WHERE IT SHOULD RESOLVE TO PORT A Public IP of Access Edge n/a SRV External on-premises Access Edge Interface (sip. YourDom .c

Query Office 365 Tenant ID

The Office 365 Tenant ID is pretty good hidden. Therefore here are two was finding out what's your Tenant ID ist. Open PowerShell and login into Office 365 Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned $credential = Get-Credential Connect-MsolService -Credential $credential $Tenantdomain = ' YourOFFICE365TenantName' $TenantID = (Invoke-WebRequest|ConvertFrom-Json).token_endpoint.Split(‘/’)[3] $TenantID Finding the Tenant ID in SharePoint Author: Thomas Poett MVP, Business Unit Lead Microsoft Unified Communication