Lync Presence and Outlook Contact Card - BUG

I experienced a Bug in on the client side.
Effected are Outlook 2013 and Lync 2013 Client.

If you receive an internal email message, the Outlook Contact Card and Presence Information are not available of the sending user (in the from flied). only available for users listed in cc field.
if you reply on any of this emails, the Outlook Card is still not available and therefor the presence to.
if you do not reply, but instead start a new email, after the address part is resolved, Outlook Contact Card and Presence is available for this user.

Additional info:
if you open the Outlook Properties instead, the information are in all cases (email received, reply and new email) the same. the Property page is correct.
On here is one exception - the Action Button is not Active (with properly) shows the Outlook Card, beside in a "new" email.

If will expand this thread soon Microsoft solved this Bug.

It looks like the attached Pictures:


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