Configure and Identify Lync Server 2013 Services and Ports (Communication via SIP TCP Port 5060)

We in larger environments or under special circumstances, we need to identity or redefine Lync Server Services. Either we need a list of running service and their configuration about assigned servers, or we might need a special configuration.
For example, in some Video Conferencing environments, the VC system can only communicate over TCP Port 5060 with the SIP Registrar, rather than over TLS Port 5061.

If this is the case, you need to reconfigure the Lync Server 2013 defined Default Settings.
In Lync 2013, the following Ports are defined by default:

SipPort: 5061
WebPort: 444
LyssWcfMtlsPort: 5077
XmppGatewaySipPort: 5058
WinFabClientConnectionPort: 5092
WinFabLeaseAgentPort: 5091
WinFabFederationPort: 5090
WinFacIPCPort: 5093
WinFabReplicationPort: 5094

Other Ports are not defined:
SipHealthPort, SipServerTcpPort, SipClientTlsPort

We can figure-out the configuration with the following command only:
Get-CsService -Registrar

If you have a look into TechNet under Lync CmdLets, you will find several service listed, e.g. Registrar, ManagementServer and more. It is a must that you define the service which are going to configure.
If we assume a Lync Pool named: pool01.domain.local, you will have to modify the command too:

Set-CsRegistrar "registrar:pool01.domain.local" -SipServerTcpPort 5060

The tricky part here is how to figure out which cmdlet is responsible for writing the parameter. That's why I wrote: make use of the Get-CsService cmdlet or the TechNet.
It will also provide you with the correct syntax you have to use during your configuration.
Therefor if in our example, we see the Identity as "Registrar:cie-ly01.acp.cie". This is similar for all CsServices. You will be able to associate the proper cmdlet.
e.g. "Registrar:xx" - Set-CsRegistrar
e.g. "ManagementServer:xx" - Set-CsManagementServer
e.g. "EdgeServer:xx" - Set-CsEdgeServer

You still have to care about one irregular cmdlet assignment.
lets talk about the Registrar configuration. If you run a command like Get-CsRegistrarConfiguration instead of Get-CsService -Registrar, you will not be able to receive the same config information.
The Set-CsRegistrarConfiguration configures the behavior of the Global or Site based SIP Registrar.

So please do not get confused between SERVICES and CONFIGRATIONS.

We as Consultants and System Engineers have understood the need of PowerShell and are happy if we find cool settings only possible to adjust via PS ;)

(c)  2013


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