Lync 2013 Audio Gateway Debug Logging (Ferrari, AudioCodes, Dialogic, NET Quintum)

I need writing about Debug Logging on several ISDN Audio Gateways.

Please visit this article more frequently, since I will update all common vendors over the time.


First we need to identity tools we need for Debug Logging:

WireShark for PCAP file analysis: download
properly WireShark can be your Syslog Server too. it is not the best option, but under Capture Options, define a filter: upd port 514 and start your capture on the eth.
Syslog Server: download
Snooper if its Lync Mediation Server related: download (Lync 2013 Debug Tools)


Ferrari Electronics (Office Master):

updated soon....


AudioCodes (Mediant):

First we need to configure the Syslog Server:
Navigate to Management-> Management Setting-> Syslog Setting.

 Syslog Server IP Address
 Syslog Server Port
 Enable Syslog
Enable = active
Disable = deactivated 
 Debug Level
Set the depth for the logging details, 5 is debug logging
Step 0 off -> 7 full
 Analog Ports Filter
if needed for analog ports,
true = 1 
 Trunks Port Filter
 if needed for trunks,
true = 1

 Next is, you will click the Radio Button "FULL" and navigate to Configuration-> Protocol Configuration-> SIP Advanced Parameters-> CDR and Debug:

CDR Server IP Address
should be the same as the Syslog Server
CDR Report Level
 Star & End Call
 tracing the entire call
Debug Level 
Set the depth for the logging details, 5 is debug logging
0 off -> 7 full

Now we need to jump to the Mediant Config Webpage, which is located under:
http://IPAddress/FAE or use Putty for a SSH connection.
On this page, we will configure the Trunk Traces for ISDN Signaling. You need to click the "Trunk Trace" option inside the left navigation panel.
 Trace Level Trunk 1
 Trace Level Trunk 2
 Enable PSTN Trace from Web

Now its time to start the tracing:
Start your WireShark  or make sure the Syslog Server is running, so the Mediant can transmit the debug logging information.
Therefor you click the "Cmd Shell" menu option and will copy the following commands (alternatively use SSH):
ADV (advanced Mode)
DR (Avanced Recording)

RTR ALL (removes any previous traces)
RT ALL (removes any previous trace targets)
AIT <IP_Address_of_Wireshark_PC/ Syslog Server> (adds your PC as the target for the debug recording packets)
AIPCT N2H SIP (send SIP traffic to target PC)
APST ISDN (send ISDN traffic to target PC)
START (begin trace)

-> now we are tracing, you need to save the trace as a pcap file for further analysis <-

This only captures the ISDN side of the Mediant Audio Gateway.


Dialogic (...):


Net Quintum (....):


  1. Great article Thomas. Look forward to updates on all vendors. Please keep up the good work.


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