Multiple Phone Numbers for Skype for Business Users

As we know, Skype for Business only supports a maximum 2 phone numbers per user.
The LineURI and the PrivateLineURI.

At point of writing this article, this option is on available for On-Premise users

(09. Aug. 2016)

While the PrivateLineURI is not aware of the current user status.
If you are calling the Private Number while you are "do not disturb" the phone call will ring at your endpoint.

How do we work around this typical PBX feature with Skype for Business?

This is proposed solution is a little bit a hassle to configure, but works perfectly.

Skype for Business has two services/ features:

Unassigned Number

if we combine those services in a manner supporting a multi number concept for users, we have the same feature available like every traditional PBX.

The process workflow explains what we need to configure.
You can create multiple Unassigned Number with the same Announcement. This will give you the option have beside the LineURI multiple other number assigned to this user.

Create the announcement:

New-CsAnnouncement -Parent service:ApplicationServer:SfBFrontEnd.domain.local -Name "Forwarding to USER" -TargetURI ""


Create the Unassigned Number:

We can create unassigned numbers via the CSCP or via PowerShell. I have provided both methods.

The second option via PowerShell:

New-CsUnassignedNumber -Identity "Second Number for USER" -AnnouncementService "ApplicationServer:FEPOOL.domain.local" -NumberRangeStart "tel:+498912345678" -NumberRangeEnd "tel:+498912345678" -AnnouncementName "Forward to USER"



  1. Try to implement AND(!) maintain this for a 10000+ company, good luck with that :) I wouldnt love to see that on my daily todo list.

    1. Well just setup ad database and a script. than its working. Or even better, just run a UC solution as necessary ;)
      Tnx for your comment

  2. Just do note:

    another solution to accomplish the requirement is to create a second user and setup delegate rights and a forward to the user. This will also allow the user to call as the additional number

    1. Hey Augustin, well this is another possibility, just you need per number one more user, with the suggested method, you can have multiple unassigned numbers to a dedicated user. Problematic in your solution is also, a user is authenticated entity in AD and might required additional license, which must be validated with your SAM consultants. But thnx sharing your idea.

  3. This is a great little one off hack. I agree supporting for a large number of users would be a challenge

  4. Other way to achieve this is by creating dialplan to translate all required numbers into number assigned to that user. ( That will work for all internal users) - if you want user to answer external calls, then you can translate them at SBC or at Lync/SfB (your choice).

  5. Why not manipulate second number on PSTN gateway to user's main number?

    1. hi Roman, actually a great idea. Just a little inconvenient maintaining it. the SfB approach can be handled via scripting's. But if you have a global configuration solution for all your SBCs well you are good to got with your idea too.

  6. I just setup a response group with the 2nd number and have the queue timeout to the user's voicemail with the user as the only agent. caller hears the elevator music, but so long as they don't just hang up it's all good.


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