Tenant Update Time Window for Cloud Connector (Location based)

As you can define several identities for the Tenant Update Time Window.
Nevertheless you will not find a dedicated Time Zone switch.

New-CsTenantUpdateTimeWindow -Identity AlwaysOn -Daily -StartTime 0:00 -Duration 24:00

The TIME ZONE (e.g. GMT, UTC, ..) applies on CsPSTNHybridSite physical location, where the CCE is located and the Time Zone is tight on the local Hyper-V (CCE Appliance).

The process for planning the time window across multiple location is simple:

  • define all necessary TenantUpdateTimeWindows, including StartTime and max. Duration
  • define all physical location
  • set the CCE Hyper-V Host to the physical location time zone and with the correct time
  • make sure the VM's will get there time fro the physical host (CCE)

If you disabled OS auto update or Bits auto update, your host and virtual machine may miss important windows updates; your Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition will not upgrade to new version automatically. That means you may need spend time to modify your configuration and apply updates manually during business hours, which may affect the SLA of Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition. It is highly recommended that you keep auto update enabled.


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