Microsoft Teams Bandwidth Calculator

Bandwidth Calculator for Microsoft Teams

The Bandwidth Calculator for Microsoft Teams provides you with an estimate of the expected bandwidth generated by Microsoft Teams within your organization. By inputting your user count and expected behavior, the resulting calculation will better prepare you to successfully leverage Microsoft Teams in your environment. The Bandwidth Numbers generated are based on typical bandwidth values and will provide a starting point for further optimization. Should you want to learn more about aligning the tool more to your specific needs and the possible caveats, you can find further explanation about the tool is added below or watch our training recording here: Thomas Binder (former microsoft)

the Calculator can be download at:
Use the Network planner for Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


  1. Hello, this link is not working anymore, do you have the file to download ?

    1. Hi Tinker,
      the links are up to date now and the new video link to Thomas Binder is in as well.
      Tnx pointing this out to me.


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