Violation of Terms of Service Disable in Process - Phishing Mail

Dear friends and my blog reads!
if you receive and mail like this. PLEASE IGNOR.
This is a Phishing attack mostly not from your Tenant.
But it would not be wrong, if you let all users change their passwords.

The link below has been changed and is therefore save.


From: Microsoft Office [mailto:office@microsoft]
Send: Freitag, 20. Oktober 2017 16:45
To: SfB USer Group NRW <>
Subject: Violation of Terms of Service Disable in Process

Microsoft Office365

Dear Sfbusergroup-nrw

If these disable modifications were made without your consent, please log in to your email
setting by checking blow office365

Cancel Disable Process
Thanks for taking these additional steps to keep your email safe.
Privacy | legal notices

Microsoft Office
Boulevard, Suite 200
13031 West Jefferson
Los Angeles, CA
90094 USA

You're receiving this message because you're a member of the SfB USer Group NRW group. If you don't want to receive any messages or events from this group, stop following it in your inbox.


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