Change Office 365 Group Email Address

If might be necessary changing the Unified Groups email address.
This could necessary, because you created the Unified Group with your domain.

In this case simply us the following cmdlet:

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity -PrimarySmtpAddresses ""

Instead, if you need adding an additional email address:

Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity -EmailAddresses:@{add=""}

  • You can use the groups email address or the groups displayname for identification. 
  • It is even not necessary writing -Identity 
  • You cannot change the PrimarySmtpAddresses and EmailAddresses at the same time.
  • If you change the PrimarySmtpAddresses, where this address isn't in the EmailAddresses, the PrimarySmtpAddress will be automatically added to the EmailAdresses


  1. Hi there, I think the first example should be:
    Set-UnifiedGroup -Identity -PrimarySmtpAddress ""


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