Private Channels in Microsoft Teams

Creating and managing Teams Private Channels:

After waiting for some time, we finally have Private Channels in Teams.

Upon creation a new Channel, you will have to choose the way how the channel should be created.

Private Channels are NOT for a Channel-Only approach. The private channel can only be limited on team members, which are part of the larger Team, the upper hierarchy.

Everyone in the Team has access

Accessible only to dedicated groups or users

Once the new Channel is created, you have to define the groups/ users who access will be granted to

The Private Channel has "lock" symbol next to the channel name:

All about ADOPTION:

With Private Channel, a diverse discussion appeared, if those are necessary.
In the mining of user adoption and compliance, this question has to be answered with a clear YES.

I give a few examples how and where you could use Private Channels in a most successful way.


Teams with a variety of Team leaders. Imaging you have Sales or Cloud Team, where beside of the department leader several Team leader exits. You can know create a single Team where a Leadership channel is created. In this Channel only the management has access.


A Project Management Team, incl. Customer Guests. Here you can create a single Team where you separate by Customers and grant access in granular way.

Often the question was asked, if it isn't sufficient if you apply permission based on OneDrive. There are two reasons why this isn't a good and user friendly way, due to access denied messages, which let you see files, but don't know if access is granted or not.
Further, you can play with moderated or channels, which have informative character only. Meaning you or a moderator can post, but not members. This keeps communication centralized and segregates information (push) from, collaboration. Equal to minimizing E-Mails and reduces necessary Yammer/ SharePoint sites.

With those simple examples, I hope it will drive you Teams adoption and usage in a more consolidated and efficient way.
A primary goal with Private Channels is, reduction of Teams with similar topics.


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