Teams Call Queue Cross-Tenant Migration


Handling Call Queues and Auto Attendant during Cross-Tenant Migration


Call queues can’t be externally chatted with. This is an important information and is the main problem you will have to deal with.

Nevertheless, there is a feature, where a call is assigned to a Teams Channel. This allows at least the functionality of Guest User Access.

Steps for handling Call Queues:

  1. Identify all Call Queues and Groups/ Channel(Teams)
  2. Identify all User assigned to Call Queues
  3. Identify Users assigned to multiple Call Queues
  4. Identify the purpose of the each Call Queue
  5. Identify Call Queue used internal, external (phone), internal and external, channel used

For all Call Queues used internally, discuss and consider changing them to a Channel based Call queue and build a solution for revers Guest Access. Meaning, make sure you have a process included where migrated users, using the call queue have access via Guess Access from Target to Source.

It is advised, that users in a Call Queue (Agents) should be migrated jointly together. This is an important task for the Rollout Managers.

Migrating Call Queues therefore might be tricky, as the purpose of the call queue is important for the decision “when to migrated”. The main users who use the Call Queues have to be migrated to target before you migrate the CQ.

Another approach might be, migrating Call Queues at the end of the user migration. User migrated are still able to access their source tenant Teams for Call Queues and for Teams not migrated yet.

A special focus should always be on externally used (customer/ vendor/ partner) Call Queues and might be scheduled for a weekend. Here if a call queues is using a MS Calling Plan, a downtime must be planned.

Always prepare the target with the Call Queue without phone number. Users can already be assigned to the Queue/ Group, as they are present for data pre-load in the target environment.


There is not direct migration, it is always a new configuration. Your scheduling for preparation in the target and the actual user (call queues group) migration is critical.


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