Setup Broadcast Meetings in Skype for Business

(Version 1.0: 3rd Nov. 2015)

First I start with, broadcast meetings are in an very early stage and introduce only a handful of planned and great feature still coming. Therefore I ask you to read this article frequently seeing the updates will I can blog about.

Microsoft introduced Skype broadcast meeting as an individual service aside with Office 365. It requires a dedicated login under:

You can use Skype Broadcast Meetings in both scenarios:
- Office 365 only (Skype for Business is 100% in the cloud)
- Hybrid Setup

Required is:
- Azure Password sync or ADFS

The Broadcast meeting relays on the Azure Media Services and must be delivered online.

From here we are entering the main managing page for broadcast meeting:

As you see, the scheduled meetings are visible at this level. They will appear in the three column design. Simply if you need to schedule a new meeting, click the "New Meeting" option and start configuring it.

Here going define the meeting.

The Time Zone is define here as the time zone your computer/ device is configured with.
- Title of the meeting
- Meeting time and duration (which actually doesn't matter)
- The Event Team, the team managing the meeting. e.g. starting the broadcast or handles the IM and Q&As and more
Note: The members must be a Office 365 enabled and license assigned user from your tenant.

Going further, the Attendee setup will be defined. Right now at this time, the three options are available. IF you configure e.g. a not valide user, it will show this and mark the user in red.
Here this user (marked red) is not part of the actual Office 365 tenant.

Access options:
- Anonymous: everyone who knows the "join link" can join this meeting.
- Secure: only defined users from our tenant can join
- All Company: here the users with in your tenant can join.

The Video recording, enables you the recording an later the publishing on Azure Media Services.
Right now you cannot truncate any of the video.

Configuring the advanced features:

A meeting can require more defined/ individual settings. If you need the Audience app having a different view and better a different Social Content Access (either BING or YAMMER) you will have to configure this here.
More than, the URLs you like to have presented to the Attendees is focusing on a Company Identity. You set the Troubleshooting/ Support URL and or the Customer join link.

As already said the APP used for managing social media can be defined as YAMMER or BING PULSE:
You can define it for up to 2 app's.

As you are familiar with YAMMER, I have provided the definition for the YAMMER APP. Just provide the Group information you have previously defined in SharePoint (Yammer). Letting your audience get in touch with you during the meeting.


After your configured the meeting, you can actively show the JOIN MEETING URL.
Just now copy this URL and setup manually a OUTLOOK meeting with the copied link, send it to the audience which should join your meeting.

 Joining the Broadcast Meeting:

I will only provide the important new and experiences users. How to join a Skype for Business meeting should be quite clear and didn't change here, especially the part of how to activate audio/ video in Skype for Business Client.
Once you click the link to join the meeting, you will see two different webpages, depending on the client (if you have desktop app) and if you are join a meeting in your organization or an external meeting.
Internal Meeting, same Org:

External Meeting, different Org:
You client will be connected to the meeting, if you have installed one. Else the web based client will be started.
As usual we active e.g. our own video:
(same applies for the PowerPoint Content)

Now we come to the point starting the video broadcast.
Therefore you need to RIGHT click your video:

Your video will now be set active:

Form there you have to click the "Start Broadcast" button with led you to finally broadcast it.

Here we are:
The broadcast is live and 10.000+ user can follow you


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