File Share Perfomance for Skype for Business (slow conference join, slow address book)

Once more first.
Really make always sure your environment is patched and up to date.

Mainly if you have a slow Join Conference user experience. Validate your DFS or File Server.

Just what we experienced during certain Skype for Business Updated, as well as support cases is:
- Migration is slow
- Join Conferencing experience is slow
- Address Book generation is slow
and more

This is, if the Fileshare is not fast enough. What does this mean:
You should ensure the IOPS as well as the network throughput is sufficient and not the bottleneck in your environment.
Do a measurement on the file servers, see what is happen if DFS replication is kicked in, check if this is share file server, whats happen if other app's access the shares and monitor the IOPS/ bandwidth.
Just this is not all, also just perfmon for CPU load, and Memory especially paging.

If you experience slow conference joins, it will be the issues, mostly.
(Sure the local SQL server also consumes performance on the Skype for Business Frontend Server)


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